You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Living on your own is a memorable time for students, but sometimes there are questions that need answers! Listed below are several common questions we receive from students and parents regarding our apartments. If you have specific questions about renting with Burroughs Properties please Contact Us.

When Can I Move In?

New residents may move in as early as the weekend before the start of the Summer Term. Please be sure to provide advance notice as to your schedule so the Property Manager can be on hand to greet you.

When Do I Have to Move Out?

Departing residents must vacate the apartment completely no later than the Sunday following Spring Semester graduation ceremonies.

What Type of Lease is Offered?

Sun Haven Properties offers a year-long lease that covers 51-weeks, typically from the start of Summer Term until the end of Spring Semester. We use the remaining week between the two quarters to clean and refurbish each apartment. 2012-2013 leases are for 11 months, due to the transition to semesters.

My Roommate Just Moved to a Remote Tropical Island... What Now?

Sun Haven Properties does not enter into leases with individual tenants, but instead has a single lease with all three students for each apartment. Should one student move out, the remaining two students are still responsible for the entire apartment's rent. If one of your roommates plans on an internship or co-op during the school year, make sure you discuss rent arrangements beforehand.

Are Pets Allowed?

We know your pet is your best friend, but the College Park Homeowners Association is in the process of adopting a no-pet policy. Therefore, Sun Haven Properties will abide by this policy. However, fish are allowed so long as the tank does not exceed 20-gallons in size.

Can I Smoke?

Sorry, smoking is not permitted inside the apartments.

What Utilities Are Included in My Rent?

Your water, sewer, & trash pickup bill is included with your rent. As water can get expensive, please report any leaks or running toilets to the Property Manager immediately.

Is Parking Available?

Yes, on-site parking is included with your rent. Each student has a single reserved parking space and is provided with a car tag. Each apartment is also provided with one visitor tag for occasional guest use in the College Park parking lot.

Help! There's a Problem with My Apartment!

If you are having a problem with your apartment or an appliance, please contact the Property Manager immediately so arrangements can be made to correct the issue.